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Cynthia Wells Art

October 14, 2019

Getting there through twists and turns. The three dimensional piece below started with an image in my head of something going vertical. Arm, head, neck. Branch? And then where? The face — a take on the comedy/tragedy masks. An idea that hadn’t found it’s place became the face of Tree Spirit watching from below the […]

Dexter Gordon at Ronnie Scotts

March 13, 2018

I had arrived right before the start of the concert. The only seat left was a table in front of center stage. I found out why a couple of minutes later when the fantastic Mr Dexter Gordon came out and played his big ole saxophone. The juice from his playing would land right on our […]

Visible Spectrum

February 13, 2018

I see color intensely. When I see a display of colors my mind overloads with excitement. Light bounces off one particle to a myriad of other particles. I’m fascinated with the concept that there is so much happening outside the realm of human vision. Thus the title “Visible Spectrum”. Welcome to my blog. I’ve been […]


My thanks goes to Cynthia for painting such warm, endearing personalities into the faces of the wildlife in our book. She translated my words into the visions in my imagination. Her creative illustrations transformed the printed words into the incredible woodland scenes and stunning animals.

Peggy Dickerson

“Cynthia Wells has an amazing imagination and fantasy and she is able to make it alive on canvas. After seeing a lot of Cynthia’s amazing art pieces and being lucky enough to own a piece, I was eager to have her paint images of our children. They turned out far better than expected, she was able to capture the different personalities of our two kids in the images and they are so colorful and alive. After a discussion with her about the kids, she perfectly captured the spirit. She incorporated a cute doggie which is exactly what our daughter love and our son was caught splashing in a water puddle. I’ve also seen her amazing pencil sketches if it shouldn’t be a colorful painting. We would highly recommend her skills if anyone would like artwork of their loved ones – kids/pets/family…”

Kirstine Juhl Belongie
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