Famed Bieber Choreographer Caught Stealing Mushrooms


According to TMZ, Calvin, the famed choreographer for a certain teen pop star (think Bieber) was caught stealing mushrooms at a posh grocery store(my favorite Whole Foods ever!) in Beverly Hills yesterday. His mom Kirstine was quoted as saying, “even as a baby Calvin was eating every mushroom within sight!”

The spin is already in action. Donny Deutsch said on the Today shows “Professionals” segment that Calvin should come out and admit he had a lapse in judgement and beg forgiveness. Rosie O’Donnel called him a shroom head and Star Jones said, from a legal stand point he needs to keep his hooha to himself. Calvin may have taken Donny’s advice when he announced that he would be donating $100,00 dollars the the AMI -the American Mushroom Institute’s fund for aging mushroom farmers.

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Calvin, seen here showing off his toe dancing pose – the pose he suggested to the Beiber,  jacket by Etro, 2013 Spring collection, manufactured just like Indian tunics and brings out the jackets with a style that seems almost unkempt and uncared for, but instead is designed to perfection in every detail. Pants are Alexander McQueen also the spring 2013 collection. How does that Calvin do it – getting the jump on the rest of us with the fashion. Now he’s just got to get some impulse control in the shroom department if you know what I mean.

Caught in the act, Calvin, shown here in head to almost toe Dolce and Gabana jacket and pants, mixing it up with NBA Le Braun James sneakers.

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Now in rehab Calvin was quoted as saying, “I don’t know what happened! One minute I was shopping for white truffels (I was going to do Michael White (NYC’s Marea restaurant) famous white truffle tagliatelle, Lindsey Lohan, Robert Downey Jr and Hugh Grant were coming over!)  the next I was in the police station.”

There is a history of crazy pants behavior – in early 2010 he was arrested for dancing in his underpants(his were pink polka dot Calvin Kleins – is he also a cross dresser?) in Central Park, and in 2009 woke up in neighbors when they found him sleeping in a guest bedroom after a night of wild partying and head chewing on this confirmed by best friend Enzo Wells who says they were just rough housing and besides he loves Calvin chewing on his head.

Then there was the time he flashed talk show host Rachel Ray while toying with a squirrel in his mouth and shouting, I luvs zee EVOO!(extra virgin olive oil as the Rachel likes to say).

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Looking quite contrite in the just released mug shot, Calvin shown here with his 2 carat diamond stud earring, very much like the one Jamie Fox was sporting at a recent and oh so descreet meeting with you know who va va va voom.