Piazza NYC is a community center where local stores, designers and artists can have a presence in Piazza NYC. Coffee brands can be featured in the cafe. A local chef can show off their menu at the restaurant. The café is the daytime hangout.  Upon roll over the waiter pops into scene. He tosses the menu forward, it opens to reveal the chef of the day and the menu. The waiter zips out of scene.

Piazza NYC at night

A guest can select an event from the piazza clock tower. Select one of the featured performers to see after sunset and the piazza grows dark with sparkly lights setting a warm charming night scene. 

Arlequino having a feast
Arlequino takes a break from performing

Several parts of Piazza NYC were animated. The wine glass in Arlecchino’s hand is filled with wine.

Each location had its own activities. Arlecchino had antics in most locations. In the restaurant his job is to make humorous interactions with people in the piazza or at the cafe. The horse with knight rides thru the piazza when the link is clicked.

Arlequin jumps off his Vespa

 Arlecchino enters the piazza on a Vespa and jumps off. The Waiter then appears with the menu for the cafe. A Horse drawn carriage enters , curtains are drawn and the performance begins. 

Links on the clock and links on items in the piazza bring you to different location in the piazza. The dress shop run by Isabella, the ingenue and the Travel store run by The Capitain. The restaurant and Cafe is Pagliachio’s and The Doctor likes to eat and pontificate