Visible Spectrum

The Art of Cynthia Wells

Dexter Gordon at Ronnie Scotts


I had arrived right before the start of the concert. The only seat left was a table in front of center stage. I found out why a couple of minutes later when the fantastic Mr Dexter Gordon came out and played his big ole saxophone. The juice from his playing would land right on our table but the gentleman that he was he took care to avoid drenching us. What a fantastic night that was. The experience would later be inspiration for The Shadow of Doubt with Tallulah La Roux singing at a jazz club that was styled after Ronnie Scott’s.

Visible Spectrum

I see color intensely. When I see a display of colors my mind overloads with excitement. Light bounces off one particle to a myriad of other particles. I’m fascinated with the concept that there is so much happening outside the realm of human vision. Thus the title “Visible Spectrum”.

Welcome to my blog.

Pouring a glass

I’ve been updating and reorganizing this site lately. In my new menu you can find new work as well as everything else in Galleries. Lowdown is where I’ll post updates on exhibitions and events and behind the scenes info.

More to come.



Joyous Abandon, Mornings with dogs in Riverside Park

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