Regardless of the medium I end up using, be it animation, painting, drawing, sculpting or the occasional performance piece, my approach to executing an idea is always sourced from the same place in my head and heart. They are influenced by my past and observations of life around me. Movement is a series of images. […]



OIL ON CANVAS Coffee, wine. Dishing, Pouring Tea, Tittle-tattle, Dizzying. The complexities of catching up. Is this a safe place or is it treacherous. Skewed perspective and contorted bodies illustrate the confusion of conversation.


Piazza NYC at night

An interactive website that illustrates the characters of the Commedia Dell Arte as conceived by artist Cynthia Wells

Clay,Wire, Paper, Glue, Leaves, Wood, String

Getting there through twists and turns. The three dimensional piece below started with an image in my head of something going vertical. Arm, head, neck. Branch? And then where? The face — a take on the comedy/tragedy masks. An idea that hadn’t found it’s place became the face of Tree Spirit watching from below the […]

Dexter Gordon at Ronnie Scotts

Close up of a saxophone player in front of an audience

I had arrived right before the start of the concert. The only seat left was a table in front of center stage. I found out why a couple of minutes later when the fantastic Mr Dexter Gordon came out and played his big ole saxophone. The juice from his playing would land right on our […]

Visible Spectrum

I see color intensely. When I see a display of colors my mind overloads with excitement. Light bounces off one particle to a myriad of other particles. I’m fascinated with the concept that there is so much happening outside the realm of human vision. Thus the title “Visible Spectrum”. Welcome to my blog. I’ve been […]



I am Henery the eighth I am I got married to the widow next door, she’s been married seven times before and everyone was an Henery, second verse same as the first. Henry: the SI unit of inductance[1]. It is named after Joseph Henry (1797–1878), the American scientist who discovered electromagnetic induction independently of and at about the same time […]

Famed Bieber Choreographer Caught Stealing Mushrooms


CALVIN According to TMZ, Calvin, the famed choreographer for a certain teen pop star (think Bieber) was caught stealing mushrooms at a posh grocery store(my favorite Whole Foods ever!) in Beverly Hills yesterday. His mom Kirstine was quoted as saying, “even as a baby Calvin was eating every mushroom within sight!” The spin is already […]

The Diplomat

SERGIO A darling boy is Sergio. True of heart and brave. Loves to chase deer and squirrels. Always keeping the peace. Always consoling the hearts of others. When Enzo, has a bad day he soothes the hurt away with muzzle licks. When Sophia the cat escapes to the backyard or gets locked in the garage he barks […]

Whatever Ella wants Ella gets…A tale of Counter – Espionage

Riverside Park, New York – Ella, the notorious Russian double secret agent (Sporting the 2012 spring season Burbury Long Cotton Gaberdine Trench Coat) checking in with her handler Henry Garber, (CIA Senior Operations officer) is about to make a dis- information drop to her mysterious and as yet unknown Russian connection. It has long been […]