Clay,Wire, Paper, Glue, Leaves, Wood, String

Getting there through twists and turns.

The three dimensional piece below started with an image in my head of something going vertical. Arm, head, neck. Branch? And then where? The face — a take on the comedy/tragedy masks. An idea that hadn’t found it’s place became the face of Tree Spirit watching from below the birdhouse.

"The Tree Spectrum" is a 3d piece that was created for the Peconic Land Trust's yearly birdhouse exhibition. An invitational show that features local artists
The tree spirit supports the birdhouse.

The root, fungus and pheromone system of connection and communication that trees use felt like a universal truth. The tiny vibrating networks of string twisting and turning are actually mycorrhizal fungi creating a network for tree communication in exchange for vital sugar.

Detai of "The Tree Spectrum"
Leaves are an expression of the tree spirit flicking this way and that, changing color.

A feeling of everything not really being separated from everything else, one color connecting to another. Light wrapping around, bouncing off, refracting and slipping thru feels like a connection to everything and yet leaves me feeling like I’m about to slip away.

Find the subject of the sentence.

Thoughts reach out to the universe, colors shimmering, spreading.


An idea that took time to realize suddenly bursts into a light in my mind.

My wonderful obssesion of finding the form does not rely on finding it hidden in granite. Rather, for me, form is air with light. Light with air. Color. The twists and turns find inevitable conclussion.

Under The Drink

Under the Drink a sculpted table. Fabulous beasts and creatures below the surface, sitting on worlds.

Fanciful ideas betraying a darkness.

Showcase at John David Rose Architecture in West Hampton
Under the Drink - a sculpted table. Fabulous beasts rising from the deep.
Creatures of the deep breaking thru to the surface.

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  1. Cynthia – your sculptures are incredible!! Incredibly imaginative and beautifully executed. I LOVE them!!

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