Whatever Ella wants Ella gets…A tale of Counter – Espionage

Riverside Park, New York – Ella, the notorious Russian double secret agent (Sporting the 2012 spring season Burbury Long Cotton Gaberdine Trench Coat) checking in with her handler Henry Garber, (CIA Senior Operations officer) is about to make a dis- information drop to her mysterious and as yet unknown Russian connection.

It has long been known to agent Henry that Ella uses her boyfriend the handsome, but clueless Tyson Dako the billionare Rocket Scientist for information pertaining to his work on the deep space network of antennas (DSN as it’s known in the biz).

Ella’s plan is to let neighborhood ruffians (you know who you are) steel her special ball and during the ensuing ruckus to retrive it she will sneakily make the drop in the nearby icky bush.

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