Breakfast at the Roadhouse, trip to NYC

“Breakfast at the Roadhouse”

Santa Monica Canyon right across the road from Will Roger’s Beach. Patrick’s Roadhouse run by (at that time) a guy named Bob. Greasy spoon, very small with a day glow lime green four leaf clover exterior. When busy hardly any room to move – just like New York. There was a table permanently reserved for Arnold Schwarzenegger –  supposedly part owner – that had a dial phone at it. Ted Danson would drive by and someone would bring coffee to him – in the street. I was having breakfast there one morning and saw a group of about 100 dolphins swimming north. On another day while bodysurfing at that beach a pod of dolphins came right up next to us – not 10 feet away, eyes met, big dolphin smile.

Heading to NYC this weekend and will give a heads up to interesting art that I see.

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