Vampire chefs

Vampire Chefs of Melrose

Vampire9aMelrose Blvd just after the city of West Hollywood incorporated was all about funkiness. Restaurants, galleries, clothing stores – some X rated.


I’d found this wonderful New York small Italian restaurant whose name escapes me. The food was great, we sat at the tiny counter but the second I walked in I had this idea, image in my head really that the chefs were vampires. These are the sketches I came up with. vamp drawing

Cooking vamp
Inspiring and fun art to check out:

Lee Ufan Museum is a museum on three tiny islands in Japan that was created by an artist and architect. You can see more about it on the Ted presentation.

Theo Jansen and his moving sculptures

Sedric Shukroon is a New York based saxophonist. All About Jazz called Choukroun : ” one of New York’s hidden treasures, a soulful man who speaks through his horn with gentle authority”.

Cooper Hewitt Museum is open again! The Smithsonian’s design museum underwent a massive upgrade.

The Australian artist Emma Kidd has created circus themed, articulated wall sculptures that are visually engaging, whimsical and just wonderful art. Check her Etsy store out.