Color, Hockney, dancing particles

Angel's Flight2

“Angels Flight” Oil on canvas

I’ve always looked at color as a thing in and of itself – not a representation of something. Tiny particles of energy dancing, interweaving, bouncing light off and thru each other, the refraction, reflection determining the color the eye sees. Always an overwhelming experience for me to look at many colors all at one time.

David Hockney  has a new show,”The Arrival of Spring” at the Pace Gallery in NYC. I’ve always loved Hockney’s work because the drawings and paintings have a quirky element, the color jumps off the page, an interpretation of reality. The whimsy not empty. A new reason for me to love his work is that he utilizes technology. The prints are from drawings done on an iPad.

Why is there a distinction between a “commercial artist” and a “gallery artist”? The term “commercial artist” has less panache. Artists selling their work in galleries often use large teams of artists to produce work that is sold in a gallery as their own – never touching the actual work. Very well paid professional musicians and actors are revered as artists.

Obvious, but weird.



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