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Frame from the short animated film”Interview With Tallulah, Queen of the Universe”.  Made the film festival rounds in 1995. Computer animation was just getting started. Animation was still created on paper. Whether I’m animating, painting, drawing or sculpting I’ve always approached my work as many sides of one idea.  I love the site Artsy because you can explore the art world online. It’s just one resource but it’s pretty convenient.

Giacometti, one of my favorite artists. His haunting sculptures of the human form speaks to universal truths about the experience of being human.

Upcoming Art Fairs:

Coming up the ART LOS ANGELES CONTEMPORARY 2015 Jan 29th to Feb 1st

While there are few artists that I find interesting in this art fair –Raffi Kalenderian whose portraits done in a flat graphic style is quite interesting. However, most of the show leaves me cold. The works feel orchestrated to fit into a prescribed idea of modern art.

Past Fairs

FOG DESIGN+ART 2015 San Francisco, CA January 15 – 18

I tend to be drawn to art and design with a strong graphic edge. Something that is provocative while still based in a world I recognize. The whimsical sculpture at the CRISTINA GRAJALES GALLERY is compelling and the elegant photography exhibited at the Fraenkel Gallery are works that organize my universe.

ART STAGE SINGAPORE 2015 January 22 – 25

Focus is on artists with design and drawing skills illustrating unique ideas. Myoung Ho Lee – Trees with trees – my wording not the artist. Figurative and conceptual, elegant.

Liu Kuo-Sung’s Weeping Glacier reminiscent of Chinese landscape painting of the 1600’s

I read about Artist Daniel Arsham in the Fashion section of the New York Times. His work is whimsical, architectural, sculpture, satirical. I like this because it is about ideas that are poignant and witty and the pieces are skillfully done.

Whiplash: JK Simmons was really great in this interpretation of a piece of work of a jazz musician instructor. Miles Teller was understatedly fine in his portrait of a student musician trying to find himself in a not so supportive environment. I really related to this film. Studying animation at California Institute of the Arts was equally wonderfully horrible.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: In August there are 5 festivals happening. The Art, International Book, the International, the International Fringe and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The first four are Theater, Art, Performance and Book oriented. The Tattoo looks like a combination of all. I’ve always heard about the Fringe festival. It has the reputation of being all-inclusive and wacky. I could use some of that right now.